If you are having problems viewing our new site ...

There can be a number of reasons for having problems when viewing our new website.



Flash Player Issues. Our site is enhanced with animations that use the Adobe Flash Player. The most likely causes of problems are that you do not have Flash Player, have it incorrectly setup or are experiencing one of the problems listed below:


Get Flash Player Ensure you have the latest Flash Player installed and ensure it is not disabled as well by checking Tools | Manage Add-Ons. You can get the latest version of Flash here. (Make sure you untick "Free Google Toolbar (Optional)" on this page as this site does not need the Google Toolbar to work correctly).


Flash Animations may also be BLOCKED in a number of ways causing you to see only parts of the site, the menu not to work and only blank pages. You will not see Flash Animations if you have:


  • Ad Blocking software installed e.g. IEPro, AdBlock (Pro) or SecureIE - this list is not exhaustive and you will need to refer to your documentation for the software to show you how to allow Flash Animations.
  • Web Browsers with built in Flash Blocking e.g. Google Chrome and Firefox both have a FlashBlock facility which needs to be disabled to see Flash Animations. Please refer to the product documentation to see how this feature works.
  • You are accessing our site from your workplace or office A number of larger organisations (commerical and government e.g. libraries) that provide internet connections make use of "Proxy Servers" which are able to filter out certain web-content. E.g. Flash or access to sites such as Youtube etc. We are not able to override the measures that have been put in place by these organiations, please check with your local IT department to see if Flash is allowed at your site. NOTE: If you experience this problem we recommend viewing the site on your home PC.
  • Apple I-devices Our site will not work with either an iPod, iPad or iPhone as Apple have taken the decision to remove support for Flash from their equipment.


2. Internet Explorer Version 6. This version of Microsoft's Web Browser is almost 10 years old and unfortunately will not work with our site. Click HELP on the menu and then ABOUT to check the version you have. To view our site please upgrade to later versions of Internet Explorer (Version 7 or 8) here or an equivalent Web Browser e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. All of which will work correctly with our site and all of which are free.