Announcement for Wednesday 27 September – ‘The Tees-Tyne Commemorative’ charity excursion.
The Deltic Preservation society (DPS) have issued the following statement to Pathfinder Railtours, following an incident on Saturday 19th August during an excursion on the main line:
“It is with deepest regret that, following the issues with 55009 on Saturday 19th August, the DPS engineering team have made the decision to temporarily withdraw the locomotive from traffic until further investigations are carried out to see if any further damage has occurred. This is despite the fact the known fault was fixed on the day.
“This was not an easy decision to make but was unanimous amongst the engineering team at a teams’ meeting on 22.08.2023. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause to you and your customers”.
Following this announcement by the DPS we have no alternative but to withdraw this nearly fully subscribed excursion, which we were running in conjunction with Morton’s Media, as this was a date specific commemorative tour with the Deltic out of Kings Cross along the East Coast Mainline.
All customers have been notified by letter, but should passengers see it here first, please note the following: If you paid for this railtour by card, you will automatically receive a full refund back to your card within the next 10 working days, if you offered a cheque payment, your uncashed cheque has been posted back to you.
We apologise again for any disappointment this may cause, however… plans are being made for a special 2024 charity train, which you will not want to miss! So, watch this space.
Pathfinder Railtours.

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