The Harrogate & Humber Deltic Reprise excursion was originally due to run on 11 May, but was re-dated to 3 August as D9009 Alycidon was undergoing repairs and was not going to be available on 11 May. However, although we had been led to believe by the Deltic Preservation Society (DPS) that D9009 ‘Alycidon’ would be repaired in time to haul to our train on the new date of Saturday, 3 August, we have recently learnt from them that this will not be the case and therefore we are cancelling the excursion on this date. It is hoped that The Harrogate & Humber Deltic Reprise will eventually run in 2020. Details will be announced once the locomotive is fully repaired and we hope that you will be able to join us.

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